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What Is Gainswave®? Millions of men suffer from erectile dysfunction, decreased sexual performance, and Peyronie’s disease. GAINSWave® helps to correct these issues by stimulating blood flow through shockwave therapy. The result is improved sexual performance, harder erections, and enhanced sensitivity.

With GAINSWave®, there are no pills, injections or surgery needed. It’s a safe, all-natural treatment option with no downtime.

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How Does It Work?

GAINSWave® uses high-frequency low-intensity shock waves to increase blood flow. As men age, it’s common for blood flow to decrease, which thins out blood vessels and lowers sensitivity levels. The shockwaves help to remove micro-plaque, increase blood flow, and promote the development of new blood vessels.

Many men who receive this treatment feel the benefits of harder, more sustainable erections after six to twelve sessions, each lasting only 20 minutes. GAINSWave® has a 75% success rate, making it a strong option for those who want to enhance their sexual function.

Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction

Poor blood flow is a direct cause of erectile dysfunction. With GAINSWave® shockwave therapy, new blood vessels are stimulated to promote growth, leading to sustainable erections.

Treatment For Peyronie’s Disease

Patients with Peryonie’s Disease have fibrous scar tissue that prevents elasticity in the penis, causing a bend and making it difficult to perform sexually. GAINSWave® shockwaves naturally breakup the scar tissue to create new blood vessels and promote blood flow. This allows for the penis to take its correct shape and leads to a significant improvement with sexual performance.

Treatment For Sexual Enhancement

Looking to maximize your sexual performance? GAINSWave® is proven to produce heightened sex drive, stronger erections, and better orgasms by increasing blood flow to the penis.

Benefits Of Gainswave®

GAINSWave® offers multiple benefits:

  • Improved sexual performance
  • Harder, more sustainable erejections
  • Effective treatment for Peyronie’s disease by breaking up scar tissue
  • Increased spontaneity
  • Enhanced sensitivity
  • Increased confidence

What To Expect

During Your Gainswave® Treatment

Your licensed clinician will place a numbing agent on the soft tissue of your genitals. Using a specialized device, shockwave therapy will be applied to the area, promoting the repair of existing blood vessels and the breaking down of plaque. Just like a pipe needs to be cleaned over time to allow water to move freely through it, so does your penis in order for blood to flow at maximal levels. This process increases blood flow to the penis promotes increased sexual performance.

After Your Gainswave® Treatment

Treatment is an outpatient procedure, allowing men to drive themselves home. There is no downtime, so patients can immediately return to work and normal activity. Many men might experience a spontaneous erection within 24 hours.


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If you’re looking to increase sexual performance, whether from erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease, or just because you want to improve your overall sexual experience, you could be a candidate for GAINSWave® treatment.


How long do the benefits of treatment last?

The benefits of GAINSWave® treatment last for approximately 2 to 3 years.

Is treatment only for men who have erectile dysfunction?

No, any man who would like to improve their sexual performance is a potential candidate for treatment. Patients do not need a diagnosis of erectile dysfunction or Peyronie’s disease to experience the benefits of this effective solution.

Is shockwave therapy a new treatment?

No, shockwave therapy has been successfully used in Europe for more than a decade. As a result of its success rates, it has recently gained popularity in the United States.

What are the advantages of GAINSWave® treatment over other treatment methods?

GAINSWave® is completely non-invasive, with no pills, injections or surgery required. Treatment goes directly to the source of the issue by increasing blood flow to the penis and providing long-lasting benefits. The result is enhanced erections, increased sensation, and an overall heightened and improved sexual performance that lasts.